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Machne Yehuda Culinary Tour

How much does the plate that won the "hummus war" weigh?

What are the common aphrodisiacs used by Persians and Yemenites?

What fee do "Lady with Baskets" volunteers charge?

And what is the connection between halva and whiskey?

With the establishment of the Jewish neighborhoods outside the walls, the impromptu market on the lot also began to take shape.
At first they spread the goods on the ground and then, later, set up the "basta".

Mahane Yehuda Market illustrates the diversity of Israeli society and the foods of the various ethnic groups that are the result.
Between a bite of Sabich and a bite of Kenafe, we will hear the story of the founders of the market, the different foods and about the artist who decided one night to decorate the shops with graffiti and turn the market into a gallery.

תמונה מהסיור

Tour Duration

2.5 Hours

Suitable For

Ages 8 +

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