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Jerusalem Neighborhoods - The German Colony

What was a group of Germans seeking in the Middle East?

What did a hundred camels carry from Jaffa to Jerusalem and why?

When did the German Colony become a British colony?

And what do the Templars have to do with the prisoner exchange deal between the British and the Nazis?

In the 19th century, a group of Christian believers arrived in the Land of Israel from Germany with a singular vision:
To bring about salvation and prepare the Land of Israel for the return of their Messiah.
This group was known as the Templars and there are seven colonies in Israel that they established.

We will tour the German colony in Jerusalem- the fourth colony they established.
We will learn who the Templars were, their way of life, the influence Nazi ideology had on their lives, and about the German colony today. We will discover hidden gems, visit a special plant nursery and learn about the communities that operate there today.

תמונה מהסיור

Tour Duration

3 Hours

Suitable For

Ages 13 +

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