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Who were the Sicarii?

What scrolls were found in Masada's synagogue?

Were there any survivors of the battle?

"Masada will not fall again"?

During the days of the great revolt of the Jews against the Romans in the days of the Second Temple, a group of Sicarii Jews went up to the mountain and fortified there.
The last stronghold of the Jews on the mountain fell to the Romans in 74 AD and with it, the dream of the rebellious Jews was dashed.

We will learn who the Sicarii were, what Herod built on the mountain, what findings were found after 2000 years, which teach us how day-to-day life was conducted on the mountain and the fate of the people of Masada, who are those who swear that "Masada will not fall again" and who chose a different path from the rebels.

תמונה מהסיור
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