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First Neighborhoods

Who sent a sorcerer to curse the flour mill of Mishkenot Shananim?

Who blew it up and why?

Who stole the birthright from Machane Yisrael?

And who was the only tenant of Nachalat Shivaa for 32 months?

Until the 19th century, if you lived in Jerusalem, you would have lived within the walls of the Old City.
Yes, it was crowded, the sanitary conditions were difficult, and rent was high...
But still - no one thought of living outside the city walls.
Why didn't they go live outside despite the difficult conditions? And why did they leave in the end? And when they left, where did they go?

On the tour we will learn about the creation of the first neighborhoods outside the walls:
Mishkenot Sha'anim, Machane Yisrael and Nachalat Shivaa.

תמונה מהסיור
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